In the depths of the forest, deadly creatures live. With dexterous powers, they rule the jungle, open portals in the Nathworld, devise and disappear.

The author weaves together a beautiful, murderous world of powerful vampires, werewolves in packs, witches with magic and powerful dark creatures. Mutual understanding and treaties maintain a delicate peace between these fascinating creatures as they have existed for ages.

And stole her enviously guarded turf at 17-year-old orphan Olivia McKenna.

Olivia survives the misery of her foster home in the surrounding forest. Chasing the wolves, she runs away until she reaches Vampire Damien’s mansion in the deep woods and falls into her arms.

Love is finally bright in Damien’s life after centuries. Olivia and Damian fall for each other; Become a lover. But with new love, comes a bleak appearance. One was obsessed with the mysterious Olivia and bent on taking her away. And in this appearance, Olivia feels awkward, naïve, comfortable.

An ancient witch discovers that Olivia is not just who she thinks she is. Her soul is unique and has a past .. and a loving lifetime.

With the help of his werewolf friend Alex and his pack, Damien is set to do whatever he can to save Olivia from an extremely powerful dungeon.

Will Damian be able to keep Olivia with him? Will the presence of darkness snatch him? Who does Olivia’s soul want to be with?

The writing style is casual and relative; And it makes it exciting when used in this fantasy setting.

It was fantasy read for me . I recommend everyone to give it a read .



An unfortunate massacre.  A deception that divided the two worlds. Hands soaked with blood that even time couldn’t wash away. Just when you think that your dreams are turning into reality, an incomplete chapter from the past comes haunting the present. A long lost lover will try to reclaim what has been stolen from him. How will an orphan girl Olivia and a centuries old vampire Damien get through this timeless mess? Tanya Walia started writing at a mere age of 14 with her first piece as a poem about which she dreamed. Always fascinated by the world of fantasy she wrote her first vampire novel ‘Forever’ on an online platform Wattpad which gained 70k plus readership and won two awards and an honorary mention. 


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