BOOK REVIEW-Rhythm Roger – The Secrets of Electon

TITLERhythm Roger – The Secrets of Electon
Publisher Invincible Publishers (1 June 2020)
Paperback :230 pages


Rhythm Roger is a sci-fi novel. The story is about electromagnetic waves. The protagonist of the story is Rhythm who made the first call in the world and the same night he met a blue light man who said that he was from a different world called Electron, a world made of electromagnetic waves. The same boy in that World (ELECTRON) is called Roger, who was also a son of a queen analogue of world electon

It all started when Heinrich Rudolf Hertz invented electromagnetic waves in the human world. On that day a parallel universe called Electon was created that could not be seen by humans and the analog was the queen. Due to the signal that we are using for analog, current, cell phones etc., an unpleasant sound started entering their world electrons. So the world was in danger and Roger is the one who can save that world. This story is about:

– If Rhythm is from the electon, how does he enter and live in the human world? What is the secret behind this?

– How will he save the world? How can he deal with the problem of that world?

Read the book to know more.

Book story is amazing and very interesting. This is the best read of this curial time I enjoyed reading this story. The author maintains suspense and thrill to the end that leaves the reader hooked. The character description is perfect. It is science fiction but the language is simple. This is not only a story but it is also happening in real form where many beautiful animals are dying due to this electromagnetic waves. It is also a fact that technology has made us addicted to it, without using these technologies we are not able to find an alternative. Everything from birth to death is done with this technique. We are seeing this as a smart and easy one. But it is indeed a very dangerous thing. I recommend this book to everyone.




Himanshu is a Bestselling Author with a passion for storytelling. His previous novels, My Mute Girlfriend & I am always here with you, were highly appreciated and were among Amazon Bestseller charts. My Mute Girlfriend was among 25 best romance titles of 2018, and I am always here with you released in Jan-19, is among Amazon Best read.He loves writing and tries to bring real locations and themes into his stories, enabling the readers to visualize what he writes.His Last Novel, My Mute Girlfriend, Published by Srishti Publishers, was based on his real-life story and already declared as one of the best romance titles of the year 2018.


Heinrich br>Rudolf Hertz invented a br>Unit of frequency and discovered electromagnetic Waves, but virtually, he created a world of electromagnetic Waves. The virtual world, which is always around humans, but cannot be seen or felt is the world of unknown powers, known as electon. “World is not only what we see.” rhythm has entered electronic, now its your turn to take your path to know about the secrets of the election world.



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