Why Am I here?

Ananya Agarwal, 18🤍

I am who I am, not who you want me to be

Hey everyone!!!
I’m Ananya Agarwal from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Why Am I here?

It had been long since I was waiting and thinking about what I write!
Whether it had the power to relate with others or was it worth a shot?
This made me start my page with the help of people who believed I should give it a try.

Thinking whether I write for others or myself, I decided to let all of you chose!

I’m a writer by passion and a reader by choice🌸

All of your wishes, genuine remarks and comments will help me improve each day!!
If you find my work readable, don’t forget to like share and comment!

Thank you ✨

Give it a read to my post🤍

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" The Gone Time " In earth and heaven never will my love reduce for you The long days or the never ending nights, the dreams of being with you wanting to hear you out or rather having the time we used to. From irritating to gossiping from fighting to withstanding Never would I lose ur side For then why did you lose me Went on a place I could never talk Never knew whether you were good enough Happy without us…. Life seems same just the way But never did you know It’s incomplete all in its ways… I miss you as a teddy misses the hugs Or the stars without the moon You were mere friend when you were here, But your gone has made me numb. Today as i know, late but realised No amount of time I was with you Did I ever re-read those memories Cherish the moments with you; Cauz weren’t we too busy Running for the new and not stopping afar. Every day gives a lesson Your departure gave me a life lesson, The short time was enough for us, So let us all focus on the present Cauz today is always a gift For the future always remains a mystery. One never knows or could live… ~Ananya ✏️ pic by @ishikaa_30 . . |Like|Comment|Share| . . #writingcommunity writersofinstagram#writingcommunity#poetry#poems#poetrycommunity#tbt#bhyfp#life#quarantine#poetsofinstagram#death#instadaily#instagram#instagood#followforfollowback#likeforlikeback#photography#instamood#instalike#quotes#quotestagram#literasi#quotestoliveby#positivity#wordsofwisdom

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