Newbie Alert!

One of the hardest tasks is describing yourself. Who else took one whole hour when the English asked you to write ten lines about yourself, excluding the name, school, and age part? I know I did. Did you turn to your bench-mate and asked them to describe you too?

Hello everyone! I am Anishka Singhania, a high school student, who is so shy that she has better online friends than real-life friends. I am the kid who knows all the answers but will never raise her hand to answer the teacher. If you want to visualize how I generally am, just think of a girl with long black hair, round specs, hidden in a corner with her nose in a book. I love going on the most extraordinary journeys through those beautifully strung letters on pages. Give me a blanket and a thousand books, and I will never bother you!

If you still haven’t already guessed it, I am a booklover(and I shall never prefer a movie adaptation over the book. Books are always better!). For some elaborate book reviews, yet spoiler free, look forward to my upcoming blogs! Occasionally, I will even write a poem or a short story, or post some of my artworks. Also, if you want me to go on a rant about a specific movie and why I do not like it, I will happily do so at your word, so just tell me in the comments below if you want some of that 😉

You can also find my Bookstagram by- @impatientbibliophile

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