My Little Epiphanies

Sometimes, we take life for granted. We often crib about all the bad things happening around us or with us. We blame someone else for every wrong thing happening in our lives! We hold the circumstances responsible for it! A bad break up? The partner was douche! Accident? People don’t have traffic sense! Fight with parents? They are old fashioned, they don’t understand us! But why? Why do we need to hold anyone or anything else responsible? Why can’t we just let go? Why need someone else for a closure when we can be capable of giving the closure to ourselves?

It was 3.30 am and I was scrolling through my phone when I had an epiphany… I realised how ignorant we are to all the good things around us! I realised that I am lucky! Lucky to have a healthy body! Lucky to have supportive parents! Lucky to be able to live a life I enjoy! And above all, I am lucky to be able to get up everyday and, try and be the best version of myself!

So, here’s to not blaming others and grabbing the life by it’s lapel! Here’s to many more epiphanies and being lucky! Cheers…

#myepiphanies #boutsofpositivity

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