Pages – 355 pages
Genre – YA Fantasy fiction and psychological Thriller
Ratings – 5/5
Highly Recommended

Not only YA fantasy but also Psychological thriller

Book is written with the protagonist Emma’s point of view, who used to self talk.
Whether that leads her to build the world of FAE Or is it real ???
The Epilogue made me think so !!!
Facing lots of trauma in her real life, she can barely separate reality and the world of FAE.
At first she thought it as her imagination but slowly she learnt she had an important role to play at the world of FAE also.
Moreover, a person who gave her deepest scares reappeared and she had to battle it out in her real life and in the world of FAE.
What I like that the story covers some serious issues like child abuse and psychological condition of one’s who is passing through a tuff time.
But at the end God gives us what we can tolerate.
I think it is not only YA fantasy but also psychological thriller.
The touch of fantasy is given as the protagonist is barley seventeen.
Eager to read the next part of this series.

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