Lessons from Shakuntala Devi.

Movies always play an integral part of our lives. They never fail at entertaining us, surprising us, leaving us awe-struck and at times even emotional. We all underestimate movies at many occasions but have never realized how much a movie can teach us. Today i will be writing about the things i learnt from  Vidya Balan’s recent film – Shakuntala Devi. Shakuntala Devi – the Human Computer is amongst the very few Indians to have been holding a Guinness World Record. She is an idol for many aspiring youngsters in the world, and an example that “Nothing can overpower Strong Will, HardWork and Perseverence.” 
The movie starts with a scene where Shakuntala Devi charges her elder brother money for solving his complicated math problem. Shakuntala Devi learnt at a very young age that Talent never comes free, and its our responsibility to Prove our Worth!Shakuntala Devi used to live with a family where her Father only cared about the kid who used to earn for the family – Shakuntala in this case. He used to take Shakuntala to different schools to display her unimaginable math skills and earn money in exchange. Shakuntala always hated her father and infact used to burst out at her mom for always being naive and feared. Shakuntala Devi used to earn money by showing her skills at parties, meetings, schools, universities and every other place having public gatherings. She made a great living for herself and shifted to London. She still had the same hate for her parents, especially her mom for not manning-up to her father, and in her rage, Shakuntala Devi made a very rude comment to her mom -“I will be a better mother than you!” 
A few years later, Shakuntala fell in love, had a baby girl – and then the family shifted back to India, Shakuntala left her Math cause now being a mother and spending time with her baby girl was more important than her love for Math. Not only Shakuntala Devi, but so many mothers out there sacrifice their dreams, goals and passions for their kids – but all we do is “Blaming them for the one thing they don’t do for us!”But poor Shakuntala Devi couldn’t resist her love for math so she started taking Anupama (her baby) to every country she visited. Shakuntala Devi always had such high ambitions in her life and travelling the world was one of her great ambitions. 
Shakuntala Devi missed out the fact that Anupama wasn’t as ambitious as her – which she saw as a flaw. She never realized that Anupama was not Shakuntala Devi and she had her own life and her own ambitions. Shakuntala Devi used to take Anupama with her to every country where she performed; and now history was repeating itself. Now Anupama couldn’t live her school days and now she started hating her mom for ruining her childhood. There came a time when Anupama left her mom and said the exact same words which once Shakuntala Devi had told – “I will be a better mother than you!” 
Deja vu – that’s what Shakuntala Devi felt and then she realized her mistake. Indeed a lesson learnt not only by her but also by us Value and Respect people while they are alive, cause they leave us with RegretsThis movie indeed just received a 6.3 on 10 IMBD rating, but the movie is definitely a great biopic. Shakuntala Devi deserves a huge amount of respect and appraisal than she received. Sincere thanks to Anu Menon and Vidya Balan for directing and acting in this film respectively. Ambition is great, but Ambitions at the cost of Personal Sacrifices is not worth it. People may come and go, but all you have will always be your FAMILY.   We will always miss you Shakuntala Devi – in our hearts forever!

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