Life is just a collection of Missed Opportunities

Opportunities – some make your future while others break it. Opportunities are what give a meaning to our lives. Dreams and opportunities are the reason for waking up and working hard. Dreams are our fantasy world and opportunities are the medium to fulfill the dreams. It’s rightly said – “Life is all about the next step” and as kids we were always told to “choose our steps cautiously.”  Life is not great because of the decisions we choose to make, but because of the decisions we choose not to make.People often argue saying that life is all because of something we choose to do, to which i agree-to-disagree. Only when you let go off one thing, a better thing steps in – that’s Life. Having a negative perspective towards everything happening in our life won’t help. 
Life always blesses us with opportunities, but what really matters is the “Understanding of letting go off something to let the better thing step in.” We often hear people saying “Yaar agar thodi himmat kar leta toh puri zindagi mazedaar hoti!” That’s the perfect example of missed opportunities. We are so used to regretting that we have forgotten the word “repair and re-work.”
Making mistakes is a human tendency and we need not crib about it. Everybody makes mistakes but the most successful ones are those who work on their mistakes and correct it. A Wrong Decision doesn’t Ruin your Future, but, Your Effort on Not Correcting the Decision Destroys your Future. 


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4 Thoughts

  1. hi soham !
    I love you!
    I love your blogs !
    I love your article !
    I love your work !
    I love you !
    Hope we could meet one day !
    Thank u for becoming WFIB’S AUTHOR !

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    1. Hello Sohnam. I am over whelmed by your love for my posts, and i am happy that my post connects with you. Yes i will keep writing and i will be with WFIB’s team forever. Keep supporting and i will be posting a new blog soon.
      Thank you for your love,
      Stay happy, stay safe.
      It’s because of your love that i am motivated to come up with an even better blog the next time.
      Follow @his_wishes on instagram.

      Liked by 1 person

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