LIFE is but a GAMBLE, let FLIPISM guide your RAMBLE

LIFE is but a GAMBLE, let FLIPISM guide your RAMBLE

“Flipism”, sometimes written as “Flippism”, is a pseudo-philosophy under which decisions are made by flipping a coin. A coin has two sides – heads and tail. People often use Flipism to choose between two complicated life changing decisions. Decisions play a very important role in our life. Making the right decision looks easy when you have to choose between a right and a wrong. But what if you have to choose between two rights?Now let me explain the meaning of two rights.Say for e.g. you want to become a businessman and you are pretty sure that you can handle a business smartly. Before starting a business you have two options;

  • Acquire a great theoretical knowledge by getting a degree ranging from 2-4 years  and then start up your own business


  • Use these 2-4 years as a learning period and work under somebody or with a corporation to get all the required practical – market related knowledge 

Now both these decisions are going to help you with your business. A degree will give you a financial stability, and a security if fore-say your business fails.But, a 2-4 years of market study and practical knowledge will strengthen you in those areas which the 4 year of degree won’t help out in. This is a perfect example of two right decisions. Here’s when Flipism comes to use. Now people argue that such decisions turn out to be random and vague; but that’s where they mess up. Yes, Flipism works at a 50% probability but people often tend to ignore the “momentary decision making” ability triggered by flipism.
Lets reconsider our previous example;Heads will be “A degree with theoretical knowledge”Tails will be “Learning period with complete market study”Now if you use the normal methodology, and rely on the side at which the coin falls, then there is no use of the “momentary decision making” capability. When you toss the coin, there is that faint moment when your brain gives and answer! Even when we toss the coin while playing cricket, we already have made up our mind as to whether we will bowl first or field first, The coin toss is a mere fate deciding factor. That’s what flipism is all about – Inclining our brain towards one path and wishing for the coin to fall at that individual side. 
That’s why Flipism is so important for our life – it gives us the exact purpose of our life. The most suitable, apt and correct decisions are usually taken by Flipism because you already know your path before the coin falls. 
So next time, “When your LIFE is a GAMBLE, let FLIPISM guide your RAMBLE”


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