Normal life

Normal life before arrival of corona virus . We had the Freedom to moved anywhere any time .

Many people loved to –

  • To do adventures trip .
  • To go outside and eat , play , fun .
  • To ride .
  • for shopping .
  • To watch movies .
  • Etc .

we enjoy our old life and love our old happy life .

Arrival of corona virus .

We all know that after arrival of corona virus . Our complete routine has been changed . Our life has been hamper by covid 19 .

Student are not going to school . They are reminding thier old school life .

some employees are working from home and they are safe .But essential employees are going , they are not safe .

My father is also going to bank for work as he can’t work from home . For safety of my family . He is maintaining distancing from us too . He is living separate from us in a same house . He even don’t meet us .He is not taking it as a joke .

I am missing my free time with my father . I am missing my father’s hug.

many family member are maintaining social distancing from thier members too . Many fathers are admitted to hospital . And they are missing thier family .

Many people came out of home when they feel bored at home . But this is wong . You can do many things at home such as watching movie , taking admission in online courses . Many institution change their mode of teaching , like fiitjee became online .

Bollywood to entertain us . They are releasing their new movie online . If they can do this for us , so why you can’t stay at home . .

Missing life .

we all know that we are missing our happy old life . But the condition can be more worst if you don’t follow socail distancing . You think America has good medical facilities to treat person but not in thousand as they also have limited resources . Our india has more population and less medical facilities . So think that our country can be more worst in condition if you don’t stop yourself from going outside .

If you want to live next year also . Hibernate yourself like bear . Don’t step out your legs . If you want that many child meet thier parent so , don’t go outside . Like if you are staying safe , but many child and parent are in hospital , so you can change thier situation by not going outside .

It am humble request by me and our pm that , don’t go outside . And follow socail distancing

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