The one who gives birth to us . The one who sacrifice her aim or goals only for us .the one who take care of us . The one who takes hard pain to make you alive or to give you life . The one who is with you in all your trouble . The one who is also known as God .the one on who you put your head on her’s leg to fall asleep . Without her your life is incomplete . The who your part of her body 9 months .

Yes , the mother . Happy mother’s day to all mother .


Happy mother’s day to you mom (reena singh ) . You are the best mother on the earth . Without you , I can’t exist in this beautiful universe . Without you , I can’t be strong . If you cry , I also feed bad . May the god god provide the power to give you all the happiness of universe.


The day I born , you think , you get your world .

The day I cry , you cry all the day .

And pray to god God for me .

The day I able to speak , you were happy .

The day I walk , you think you get your childhood .

The day I go to school first time , you think I must be successful one day and good for the other people .

The day I got first rank . You think I succed my first step of my life .

the day on which , I am sad , you feel sad .

I am huge part of your life .

And your are huge part of my adventures life .

Thank you to God .

Let pray to god that all mother must be with their children . And hope all are happy .

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