Technology is the way to make the work more easy as compare to manual work . It is easy to use . It can be used anywhere even in space .


technology can do a work in less time . It can able a legless person to walk and work . It make our work easy . As the time pass the technology becoming more advance .


we use mobile phone to communicate with others but it release radiation which harms many animal. we use AC and fridges which release CFCs chlorofluorocarbon which harms ozone layer and radiation reach us which causes many disease such as skin cancer and many other disease .we use vechiles to travel which release co carbon monoxide which increase global warming.


  • We must not use ac unnecessary .
  • We must pool our car .
  • We must not use car to travel short distance .
  • We must use technology wisely and not in fun.

Stay at home stay safe .

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