DR APJ Abdul Kalam sir said ,” we all must have dreams.”


Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM SIR is my inspiration who inspire me to become scientist like him . He do hard work and focused on his dreams . Where he is, only beacuse of his hard work . Dr APJ Abdul Kalam sir was a great man who lives in all Indian’s heart . He inspire many people . He won many awards for his hard work . He is known as ‘missile man of India’ . He gave us lot of things . He gave us the way to live .


by vishal veer lohan

My inspiration give me the energy to focused on my dreams .

My inspiration inspire me to study .

My inspiration inspire me to do hard work .

My Inspiration give me correct soul .

MY inspiration is great .

I am lucky that I have Inspiration .

many people don’t have .

i am lucky that my inspiration is dr APJ Abdul Kalam sir.

He inspires me to study .

He Inspires me to focus on future .

He inspires me to help others .

He inspires me to share beautiful knowledge

He Inspires me to become scientist.

He Inspires me from my childhood .

He Inspires me to see dreams.

He Inspires lot of people to do something great .

He inspires me to become a good man not a rich man .

He Inspires me to do something .

The people who don’t have dreams or Inspiration . They only waste their time .

He Inspires me to live a successful life.

He live his life success fully and joyfully .

He inspires me to do work joyfully not for something.

Wheather the results may be good or bad .

He inspires me to learn something great from that failure .

He Inspires me to change my bad habits

He said ,” you can’t change your future but you can change your habits which can change your future.

So , praying to god that everyone meet thier Inspiration . Which can’t happen with me .

Only the sadness is that I can’t meet him .

Hope everyone have thier Inspiration.

Thanks for reading .

Stay safe , stay at home

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