A Planet inside me .

On earth , humans and animals live .

Inside me many microbes live.

on earth ,farmer produced food for us .

inside me , bacteria produce energy for me .

On earth , soldiers save us .

Inside me , antibodies save us from bad microbes .

On earth , there are many species .

Inside me , many species live like bacteria , virus .

On earth , some are good and some are bad .

Good people help others and bad people damage others

Inside me , good bacteria help me to live . Bad bacteria make me sick .

On earth, there are post offices which sends message , object, etc.

Inside me , golgi apparatus acts as post-office to send thing in cells .

On earth, we all die .

Inside me , cells die .

On earth , river flows .

Inside me , viens and artery flows with blood

on earth , we have crust ,

Inside me , skin are crust of my bodies .

On earth , we have mantle .

Inside me , muscles are mantle .

On earth we have core .

Inside me , bones are core .

How beautiful our earth and body is made by the immortal hand or eye .

Thanks to immortal eye for creating us whatever we are .

But atleast we are planet , humans .

Never lose your hope , one day , time will come with good results – VISHAL VEER LOHAN

Stay safe stay healthy . Thank to you give me your important time .

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