corona virus is not as much as harmfull diseases if we maintain soical distancing. We all know that our country is lockdown by our government for our safety . Government doesn’t have any benefit from these . But , to get out of these huge problem . Government do these for us . So , it our duty to follow these lockdown. It’s our duty to follow it . MANY ADVANCE Country like USA take it lightly now they are affected .so please stay at your home .

We all know that it is very bored to stay at home but you can do the following things At home.

  • Read books
  • play indoor game with your family like ludo chess carrom and UNO .
  • You can also learn how to cook
  • learn new things from internet
  • we all know that students are facing huge loss of thier education . But many educational company announced that they are making their app free till corona virus . Like BYJU’S the learning app. You can study from byjus .
  • you can help your family member s
  • Spend time with your friend by chating with them.


if we follow it seriously . We can get out of covid 19 . But I saw that many people are not following it . All Bollywood actor and actress make their video requesting to stay at home . Even our pm also said that on media .by these social distancing will follow and it is best trick to get out of it .

and many people are facing lose a lot but don’t care think what will happen if you affected by corona virus then what will u do with this money . So , Don’t panic .

Actor Askhay kumar announced that he will give 25 cores to government . To help public . You can also donate to government . Donating one rupee will also help government. Donating will help public .

Government also know that it I difficult to stay at home for 21 days but it’s for our safety .

Some ways to stay safe

  • Best way is social distancing
  • Wash your hand regularly
  • Don’t touch your face.
  • Stay at your home.
  • FOLLOW government policies.
  • Use santizers
  • Don’t spread rumors
  • Use masks

many organisations are working for us . Like bank , police , doctor . We all must be thankful for them . They all are corona warriors . Big salute to them .

#Stayathome #coronavirusprecatuion #staysafe

ViSit for your entertainment-. https://youtu.be/k8xstGSIb5M

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