A Habit of good person being on time . Means punctuality . A person who is punctual is a good person. It is very good habit . It matter our life , career and everything .


Nowdays we can see that many person are late .it can even matter your life .

  • A person who is late drive fast to reach somewhere . In these cases two possibilities are posible . In first case – He/she will broke traffic rules . In second case accident can took place .
  • A person must be punctual in his/her school life . Because if he/she is not , it will become habit of that person then he/she will be late most of the time

Not from tomorrow start it today is the best policy to success . Let start with you .

Many great successfull person become successful by punctuality. Many developed countries are developed because they all are punctual . there childern learns how to be punctual .


  • Being punctual sometime you may get better opportunity .
  • In schools students must be punctual because punctuality bring disciplines .
  • If you are punctual , you can drive slow by which accident chance will be less .you will not broke traffic rule .
  • In. Meeting if you are punctual you can prepare before anyone
  • Helps in achieving goals .
  • Improve your accuracy .
  • It the best surest way to success
  • It the key to success


  • May be you lose your job.
  • you can lose good opportunity
  • You can die also
  • May be you lose your promotion
  • If you are not punctual ,that mean you are not disciplined which may lead to unsuccess.


prime minister Mr Narendra Modi ji is very punctual . Every citizen should learn from him . He is inspiration for us.

Many successful person are punctual that’s way they become successful.such as DR A.P.J.Abdul Kalam sir , Askhay KUMAR Sir ,MS dohni etc.

Askhay kumar woke up at 4.00 am . He is very punctual
Our pm is very punctual . He do many good thing for betterment of india .
Ms dohni is cricketer . And he was indian cricket team captain . He is very punctual . He woke up early to practice
Dr apj Abdul Kalam sir also known as middle man . He was from poor family but he was punctual and disciplined by which he become successful . He is in the heart of all indians
He given many beautiful quotes . Which are fact.

thank you , stay at home stay connected

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