A person who gives treatment to a sick person is known as doctors. Doctors are god because they save the life of others. Most of the doctors are in stress .so we should respect them. When a doctor does the operation , they are in tension and stress that whether the person will become normal or not .many doctors have experience and some have qualifications. But both are like god for those whom patients become normal. In our society doctors have respect. Many parents don’t allow their children to become a doctor as they think that it will take a long time to become a doctor and after that, for fame, it will take more time. But they are forgetting that sometimes if they get sick. Every person who has an interest to become a doctor .they must become. Every person has the right to follow his passion .

they save the life of many people. first, to become doctor, they worked hard to become a doctor then they worked hard to save the life. The doctor’s parents must be proud. I have seen many people around me how they worked hard. ( my sister, my grandfather ) .

i have seen many more people , they worked hard for many years but not get selected . society must motivate them nor demotivate them .

#respect doctor #hardwork

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