Each one of us is a student. Student means a person who is learning or studying something.each one of us is learning something in our life . A new born baby learn how to live or walk ect ,from his/her parents. A student is not who go to school or college. A student is a person who really learns or have knowledge of life.

Student are of two type – one who learn from book or study material second type – which learn from experience.

somertimes it may be bad or good . But we must learn or study . A person who is not Student means that he is not a good person as he don’t anything from the precious gift life . Don’t take burden just come fall in love with the learning life .

Many of us think that we can’t do something . But friends if we want we can do anything. for examples – a person who is uneducated can use whatsapp and type message in english . Just because he/she show his/her interest in learning how to use whatsapp . So never give up . Only take up and learn .

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