The earth

The planet on which we live is known as earth . Our mother land .It has all the requirements of living organisms like air ,water , food etc.. Due to industrialization , our earth is suffering from global warming.

Friends earth give us –

  • Land to live
  • Oxygen to live
  • Food to eat
  • Days and night
  • And many more

But what we give back?

  • Pollution
  • harmfull gases which can die earth.
  • taken water
  • Deforestation
  • We make many habitat that they become inhabitat


Friends earth give us life and instead of taking care we are destroying it .earth is only planet where life is possible in milkey way .

What we happen if we increase global temperature then may be earth die ?


  • Every months planet one tree atleast .
  • Plant as many as you can
  • Don’t do deforestation
  • Pool your car ,we can see that in a car only one man is going .
  • Don’t waste paper
  • Follow 3r principals
  • Clean your environment
  • Don’t throw your waste on road or water
  • We should recycle plastic .
  • Use paper bags
  • Donate your old cloths

It our responsibility to take care of our earth otherwise one day human will be no more . spread awareness . Being a human being it is our responsibility to safe our planet from the evil of global warming.

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