A lady perform a many profile . Lady may be mother , daughter , wife etc .

She perform her profile with perfection .

A lady sacrifice a lot .

When lady become a mother . she suffer a lot of pain which is known as labour pain.

When she become mother , she all the time only see her child as a world .

MY MOTHER – poem

Oh God you are not everywhere that’s way you give me a golden gift .

Who care for me .

For my mother . I am her world ,universe ,earth .

When I was kid . You sacrifice your sleep , your hobbies and many things .

For me you are my god .

You teach me to walk , to talk and many more .

Thanks a lot .

That you are here .

if father is the ladder of my success then you are the surface on which ladder is .

What will happen if moms are not here .

Oh god you are great that you give me mother .

She sacrifices a lot for me .

hope that I will provide all happiness of world to her .

My life would be incomplete without golden gift and ladder .

oh god bless me that I will give her all happiness.

You are my earth because you are my ozone layer who protect me from all evils . Give me a happy life .

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