Time will never wait for you . Time maybe good or bad but always time changes . Believe yourself and never lose your hope .


every sunrise teach us something new
1) change in thinking
2) change in habits
3) bring something new to your life
4) change in thought
5) sometimes this lead to a good thing
Every moonrise also teach us something
1)   sometimes we see Sun and sometimes moon so , this  mean all days are not equal some are good and some are bad
2) sun will  come tomorrow
3) bad time is going .


everyone have a stages of life for example for plant or tree first seed is planted . Then roots grow . And plant comes then plants live for some years and died . Same in human being’s life first child learn how to sit then walk – talk etc . First child learn basic things from their parents . Then they grow and live the experience of life then they become old and died . This means everything or living organisms have to live the experience of life and then died . We must be thankful to god for giving us a golden opportunity to live instead of crying and sadness . We must live our experience happily . We must respect the life of plant because they also have the right to live . If god don’t give life to plant then how human wil live ? So we must plant tree on a large scale .they give us oxygen .

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